Based on The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Adapted by Zachary Tomlinson and Rosa Schneider
Directed by Zachary Tomlinson

Jesse Brenneman
Mackenzie Knapp
Gordon Landenberger
Megan Lee
Stephanie Malove
Calder Shilling

Dramaturg Rosa Schneider
Set and Masks Raphael Mishler
Costumes Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin
Lights Elizabeth Hintze
Stage Manager Sebastian Gutierrez

Presented at IRT Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2015

"As a whole, the cast of Dmitri is the strongest I’ve seen this year ... Jesse Brenneman is outstanding ... Mackenzie Knapp creates a character that is at once utterly repellent and strangely sympathetic ... Gordon Landenberger powerfully combines the romanticism and the desperation inherent in his position ... [and] Calder Jameson Shilling captures the disdainful irony that – we learn – may be even more dangerous than the erotic desperation of his older brother.

"Dmitri and the Three Thousand Kopeks is an extraordinary, exciting piece of theatre; proof that a strong directorial vision and honest performances can go a long way towards performing even the most “unperformable” piece. [...] There’s no better use of $18 in New York theatre this week."

—Tara Isabella Burton, LitroNY